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KGHMOA- The Kerala Govt: Homoeo Medical Officers’ Association is a category service organization of Govt Homoeo doctors which exists for the social, cultural and material wellbeing of the Medical officers’ community striving hard enough and performing in a high esteem. It is the only Association which has been striving relentlessly for half a century for the cause of Medical Officers in the Dept of Homoeopathy, the only Association that is working with professional spirit for the betterment of the Homoeo Medical officers of the State, the only Association with proud stories of historical struggles for keeping up the prestige of Medical officers which is is not affiliated to any political party.

The strength of the Association is nothing but its vibrant members, hardworking leaders, achievements and systematic conduct of programmes and successful execution of projects- the ultimate result is reflected to the officers and to the common public. It interferes with the day to day affairs of the Department and vigil over the matters which are benevolent for its members.

KGHMOA never hesitates to protest whenever injustice imposed upon the officers’ community. Even without being affiliated with a political establishment, the success story of KGHMOA, its membership strength of 90% officers of the Department and its style of functioning is wondered by all.

It is proud of being a member of this mighty organization which always emphasize Quality work and Duty consciousness and moreover create a feeling of protection to its beloved members. more..

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