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A brief History of Keral Govt. Homoeo Medical Officers’ Association

Kerala Govt. Homoeo Medical Officers’ Association – the one and only active service
association in the Department of Homoeopathy has a long, illustrious history, going all the way
back to 1963. Athurasramam N.S.S. Homoeopathic Medical College, Kottayam was the first
Homoeopathic Medical College in Kerala and was established in the year 1954. The first Govt.
Homoeo Dispensary was started in 1958, at S. Puram, Kottayam. Dr. K.Z. George was appointed
as the first Medical Officer in 1958, through Employment Exchange and he became a permanent
government officer through PSC on 23-5-1962.

KGHMOA was formed in 1963 with 19 members and got recognition in 1966 vide Serial No.
62/1966. The first President was Dr. K.S. Prakasam and Dr. K.Z. George was the first General
Secretary. In the beginning, lack of sufficient members hampered the efforts of KGHMOA to
effectively intervene in the various issues faced by our Medical Officers. Six officers were
appointed through PSC in 1961, another 6 in 1962, 7 in 1963, 5 in 1967, 8 in 1969, 10 in 1970,
22 in 1972, 26 in 1973 and so on. Activities of the association from 1966 to 1978 were not

During these years Dr. K.J. Isaac, Dr. K.I. Kochukadher, Dr. V.M. Ibrahim, Dr. K. Peethambara
Panicker, Dr. K.J. Mathai and Dr. Ismail Sait became the office bearers. This period was marked
by intense fractional fights culminating in the dissolution of the association.

In 1978, KGHMOA was revived with Dr. P. Kesavan Nair as President and Dr. P.A. Philipose as
General Secretary. From 1982 onwards, there was a steady increase in the number of
dispensaries and a large number of officers started entering Govt. service.

In 1986, two land mark decisions were taken by amending the by-law: – (1) to constitute District
units and (2) to start publication of a Magazine. An Editorial Board was constituted with Dr.
Thomas A. Kuruvilla as the Chief Editor. The first issue of the mouth organ ‘Homoeopathy
Service’ was published on 10th April 1987.

In the year 1988, Dr. P. Kesavan Nair was elected as president once again and Dr. Thomas A.
Kuruvilla as General Secretary. Dr. K.V. Patel followed as the President of the association and
Dr. Thomas A. Kuruvilla continued as General Secretary. In the year 1993 Dr. Thomas A.
Kuruvilla became the president and under his dynamic leadership KGHMOA became a leading
category organisation. Dr. Kuruvilla served 4 terms (8 years) as President and Dr. N. Sabu, Dr.
V.A. Naziruddeen and Dr. G. Sivaramakrishnan have worked with him as General Secretaries.
After Dr. Thomas A. Kuruvilla, Dr. G. PrasannaChandran was elected as the President in the
year 2003 and Dr. G. Sivaramakrishnan was re-elected as General Secretary. Dr. G.
PrasannaChandran could not complete his term; and for the last few months of his term, Dr. N.A.
Nazarulla became the President (in-charge). Dr. D. Ajayan held the charge of the General
Secretary as Dr. V.A. Nasiruddeen resigned from his post in the year 2000.

The 22nd State Conference held at Calicut elected Dr. V. N. Raju as the President and Dr. G.
Sivaramakrishnan was elected as the General Secretary for the third time. There after Dr K. M.
Uvaise and Dr. R. Sunil Raj were elected as President and General Secretary respectively at the 23rd State Conference held at Alappuzha. The 24th State Conference held at
Thiruvananthapuram elected Dr. N. A. Nazarulla as the President and Dr. R. Sunil Raj as the
General Secretary for the second consecutive term.

Association was fortified by the entry of the Medical Officers who were part of KHMGA. They
joined KGHMOA in the year 2001 as they had abandoned their plan of forming GGMOA (Govt.
Graduate Medical Officers’ Association).

The Association has brought great laurels to the officers’ community and to the department.
Rationalisation of OP time and Entry grade Gazetted post are some of our notable achievements.
DMO office at Wynad, RMO posts at 13 hospitals, appointment of DMOs after a long gap in the
year 2006… all these were achieved by our consistent efforts through repeated memoranda and
follow ups.

The Association is highly concerned with the individual needs of each member and has always
fought for his / her fundamental rights. It is the only solace for members’ grievances and strives
for achieving the common goals of the Medical officer community.

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