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Income Tax Medical Certificate format for disabled persons for the purpose of Section 80DD & 80U
Form 27 A (Form for furnishing information with the statement of TDS filed on computer media)
Challan 280  & Challan 281 (for paying advance tax through Bank)
Form 10 E – For claiming Income Tax relief for previous years
Application form for PAN
SPARK SPARK Form I – New Employee Joining
SPARK Form III – Change of DDO/Establishment user
SPARK Form IV – SDO Authorisation
SPARK Form V – Setting of Controling Officer
SPARK Form VI – HRA Change
SPARK Format 01 – New Office Initialisation
GPF Form for applying new GPF Admission & GPF Nomination Form
GPF Conversion from T A to NRA (Form I)
Closure of GPF – Form J
KPCEPF Application   KPCEPF Application editable
KPCEPF Nomination
KPCEPF Temporary Advance    SanctionForm & Form E (editable)
KPCEPF NRA or Final withdrawl
KTC Chalan Form (T.R.12)
Treasury Savings Pay in Slip – SB Form No:4
TR 42 (Bill for Miscellaneous Payments)
TR 47 (TA Bill for Gazetted)
TR 51 (Establishment Bill Form)
TR 51 (Detailed Pay bill form of Non Gazetted establishments)
TR 56 (T A Bill For Non Gazatted Establishment)
TR 59 (Bill Form – Contingent/Grant in Aid/Scholarship)
TR 59 B (Bill Form – LSGD)
TR 59 C (Common Bill Form for claiming non salary Claims)
TR 60 Advance Bill form
TR 61 (Fully Vouched Contingent Bill Form) (pdf)
TR 112 (for claiming salary in case of Gazatted Officers  who need continuous sanction)
TR 113  (for claiming salary in case of Non Gazatted Officers  who need continuous sanction)
TR 212  (for claiming last month salary of retired non gazatted employees)
LPC (Last Pay Certificate)
Finance House Building Advance Application Form
House Building Advance Details of Eligible  Applicants
Budget Estimate 2012-’13 Proforma
KSR Application for issuing  Medical and Fitness Certificate
Medical Certificate Form for Special Casual Leave
Leave Form 13 (pdf)
Loans & Advances Annexure (pdf)
Casual Leave Application (pdf)
KFC Quotation Notice Model (pdf)
Quatation Proceedings Proforma
LSGD Model of Professional Tax Statement
Annexure C3 (Requisition for LSGD allottment)
Project wise Expenditure Statement (Annexure C VIII)
Proceedings with LSGD Bill (Annexure C Vll)
HMC constitution model Letter to Panchayath
HMC Constitution Proceedings (pdf)
HMC Constitution Proceedings
Proforma of Monitoring Committee report to be attached with Project
DH Pauravakasha Rekha (pdf)
RAECH Case Record Form
Medical Reimbursement Medical Claims Application
Form of Essentiality Certificate
Appendix II
Insurance SLI Application Form & Instructions for filling Application
S L I Proposal and Nomination Form
S L I  Claim Form
S L I Indemnity Bond Form
S L I Loan Form
G I S Form -D
GPAI Scheme Schedule
GPAI Scheme Nomination Form
 Appointment DCRG Nomination Form
Police Verification Application
Report of Transfer of Charge (KFC Form No. 7)
Transfer Home Station Declaration Form
Promotion Form for Relinquishment
Time Bound Higher Grade Option Form , Fixation Statement , Proposal
Statement for Declaration of Probation (pdf)
Probation Application Form
Option Form Under 28 A for Promotion fixation
Confidential Report (Performance Appraisal Form II) .pdf
Confidential Report Specimen
Pay / Wages & Allowances Proceedings Model For Festival Advance
Proceedings of daily wages pharamacists
Proceedings of daily wages Attenders
Rural Allowance application Covering letter & Proforma
Receipt from Casual Sweepers (pdf)
Proceedings Model for drawing wages of casual sweepers
Proceedings Model for Uniform Allowance
Pension Life Certificate Model txt
Model of Life Certificate pdf
Model of Liability Certificate &  Non Liability Certificate for the purpose of Pension procedures
Computer Model of Computer register
Vehicle Trip Sheet
Miscellaneous Land Property Statement Specimen
Land Property Statement Specimen (new)
Employee Details Proforma for Assembly Election 2011 Proforma.xls
Model of Salary Certificate Register
Model of Audit Register
Passport NOC Application Form
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